The Discovery Weekend is the first step in the Journey to Transformation, which is a united community process where we will learn from those who have experienced transforming revival in their communities, and take united steps towards preparing ASU for transforming revival.  


After 15 years of researching 800 present-day cases and 200 historical cases of transforming revival, common principles have emerged that have been present in every single case.   These core principles give tremendous insight into how a community can effectively prepare the way to experience transforming revival.

The Discovery weekend is an intensive 2-day learning experience where we will together discover:  


  1. What is Transforming Revival - what does it look like when a community is transformed by the presence of God?

  2. Our Need for Transforming Revival 

  3. How We Can Bring about Transforming Revival in a community

  4. The Cost of Transforming Revival - what does it really take to prepare the way for a community to be transformed                                                                        by the presence of God?


*Everyone who attends must be present for every session, as each teaching builds upon the previous teaching.


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We want to invite you to join us in this Journey to Transformation for Arizona State University, as we seek to welcome the presence of God - not simply to visit us, but to dwell among us.  



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